Health Info

Every puppy goes home freshly bathed, nails cut and ears clean

When bringing a puppy home...

…You will receive:

Written Health Incubation Guarantee. I will pay 100% of all veterinary expenses limited to incubation concerns ONLY when approved
veterinary sources are utilized.

A written congenital and hereditary guarantee
Thorough veterinary health check and health profile report
Complete grooming and nutritional support
Kindergarten training begins...with a support system to follow
Complete house training program...I love helping to train dogs
Telephone Contact Support System...I am here to help and guide you with your new puppy
Lifetime Re-homing guarantee

Puppies receive top of the line...

Vaccines according to age
Preventative worming and parasite control
Balanced customized nutritional needs
Veterinary care
Exercise-playtime with children, neighbors, and other dogs and cats and pets
Comprehensive veterinary examination


Regular Comprehensive Veterinary Evaluations
DNA Health Profile
DNA Cystinuria Clear
OFA / Penn Hip
Cardiac Evaluation
Balanced customized nutritional needs
Preventative worming and parasite control
Routine Vaccines
And of course all the best of love and attention

Re-Homing ...For Life

A Lifetime Re-Homing Guarantee is offered if, for any reason, financial distress, family illness, personal health problems or any other circumstance beyond your control, you are no longer able to adequately care for your dog or find it a good home, you may return the dog to me.  I am committed to ensuring that dogs, regardless of age, always have a safe and loving home to live out their natural lives.

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